First experience of blogging

Finally, I post. You can take it as a confession that I have nothing to post in the blog. It was same as like you are going to say something when you have nothing to say about. All were busy in posting the article they prepared .But I posted a picture of germination which symbolize the hope. Then I feel profuse delight that I have a first blog post (not blogspot ,it was a wordpress!) . It was my experience in making blog during social media training.


who to fill the gap between farmers and consumers?

During dashain-tihar, price of potato had been reported up to Rs 120. But,farmers merely get Rs 28/29. Potato is just an example. Other stuffs were/are facing same fate. The huge price gap between field to plate if not filled ,the victim should be agriculture and ultimately whole economy. What are the better options/medium to shorten the value chain?

lets think about it.